objectspace definition
  local and distributed file storage

Application Development
  create users and set their access rights
  model the domain objects
  define object connections
  how to control the object instance behaviour with a lifecycle
  define the application workflows
  work with administration features
  export / import the application schema
  User Functions
  create and manage object instances
  make connections between objects
  work with object's attached files
  change the object status
  check and execute workflow pending activities
  extend and limit the object access
  perform checks and actions when events occur
  logical grouping objects
  enable communications between users

Generic User Interface
  create an OBEROn application
  forms and views
  multi-language management

Web Applications
  create a web application
  perform user functions on web applications
  access the object data through webservices

Desktop Clients
  access the application with desktop clients
  extend the client basic functionalities

Mobile Clients
  create mobile (Android) clients
  extend the Android client functionalities

... and more
  integrated chart engine
  debug program and trigger source code
  monitor of active processes
  share the application schema - the svn (subversion) connector
  command line console and batch scripts

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