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A objectspace is a storage location for correlated objects: it is used to organize business objects within the OBEROn database. There are different logical reason to subdivide objects in objectspaces. For example, in a library, a objectspace might contain books of a similar argument or for a single historical period. In an engineering company, a objectspace might contain all objects related to a product family or to a specific project.

In addition, you have to consider also the performance point of view: if you are searching for a specific object and you know the objectspace where it is stored, you can avoid to scan the whole database. This limits the search space and improves the overall performances.

When defining a new objectspace, you can establish what is the objectspace meaning and where it is phisically located inside the database. In particular each objectspace represents a set of relational tables all stored into a single tablespace.
Generally also the indexes defined for those tables are stored into the same tablespace although - for Oracle DB - you can specify a different database area (the indexspace) in which the indexes and constraint information for the objectspace will be stored.

The names of tablespaces/indespaces and their associated storage are defined by the database administrator (DBA). This must be done before the objectspace creation.

Note: MySQL 5.0 and PostgreSQL for Windows don't support tablespaces (leave the field empty)

Users enabled to manage Objectspaces (see user access rights ) can create a new instance by clicking the "Add new ObjectSpace" button from the "Context Design" menu and compile the relative form. The same results can be obtained with the following OOQL command :

objectspace define 'Customers' ' tablespace 'TS_CUSTOMERS' description 'Collects all customers' ;


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