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Open Source PLM
The ALEXIA (Activity List EXchange for Industrial Automation) project provides a new-generation of product lifecycle management systems. It enables greater access to and sharing of enterprise product data ... (more)
Visitors : 30036    Votes: 7   Average Rating: 4,6      18-02-2011

Form Sample Application
Form Sample
This is a form sample in which two objects are created together. Class Name: Employee / Fields : employeeId, name Class Name: Address / Fields: addressLine1, addressLine1, city, state, country, pincode. - ... (more)
Visitors : 29994    Votes: 5   Average Rating: 5,0      29-07-2011

Oberon Plm
Product Lifecycle Management - Demo Application
Oberon PLM is a Web based PLM/PDM, built on Oberon framework that facilitate its customization. Oberon PLM integrates people, data, processes, and business systems and provides a product information backbone ... (more)
Visitors : 30094    Votes: 16   Average Rating: 4,2      24-12-2010
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