OOQL language

The OOQL (OBEROn-Object-Query-Language) language allows to perform all administrative actions and all business object instance manipulations. You can use the OOQL to execute command-line queries, for batch processing and also inside the java code with the OOQLCommand class. Here is the syntax of available OOQL commands for each admin and domain object:

data definition language (DDL)
  Upgrade the schema: upgrade database [password AdminName];
  infrastructural objects
    objectspace object container on database
    filespace file container for object attachments
    localarea file container on a distributed file system
  administrative objects
    field object or link field
    class type (class) of business object
    linktype type of connection between object instances
    user OBEROn user
    team group of users
    assignment user role for the application context
    filetype file format for object attachments
    program java program (event trigger, object method and more)
    webservice java program employed as SOAP interfaces
    lifecycle lifecycle definition / access policies for object instances
    workflow application workflow
    menu menu structure for web/desktop/mobile applications
    command menu item for a web/desktop/mobile user interface
    form input/search form for the user interface
    view used to show object properties in tabled format
    autonumber generates progressive names with a given format
    query common query for object instances
    graph generates chart images for application usage
    metricsystem collection of unit measures
    unitmeasure unit measure for field values
    feature defines an extended property for an administrative object
or a logical connection between two administrative objects
data manipulation language (DML)
  instance objects
    object application contextual object instance
    link connection between two object instances
  user personal objects
    objectgroup user facility to collect object instances for generic purpose
    query user query for object instances
    view used to show object properties in tabled format
    mail used to access a user's mailbox and to send internal / external mail
    framework defines the OBEROn session parameters and status
    process workflow running instance and workflow monitor
    dictionary stores language translations on the database for application usage
    dump exports/imports/compares OBEROn schema and data to/from files

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