command line console and batch scripts [since 2.0]

The OBEROn OOQL console is a text-only interface for interacting with the platform by typing commands to perform tasks. The command-line interpreter receives, analyses, and executes the requested OOQL command of file. To start the console you can run the ooql.bat (or ooql.sh) script; this script loads the enviroment parameters used to access the OBEROn DB from the config script and the etc/oberon.ini file like the other graphical clients.

ooql [-silent] [-verbose] [-conf confFile] [-script ooqlFile] [-command ooqlCommand]
[-user userName] [-password userPwd]

-silent suppress all info on startup
-verbose show more information on startup
-conf load a specific oberon.ini file in place of the default ./etc/oberon.ini
-script execute an ooql script file and exit
-command execute an ooql command and exit
-user login with a specific user
-password the user password

If you specify the OBEROn user and password into the configuration script, the console will be immediately ready to receive commands; otherwise you have to open the user framework by using the following command:

framework open "<User_Name>" password "<User_Password>" ;


fw open "<User_Name>" password "<User_Password>" ;

Note: you must write each command on the same line and commands must end with the ";" symbol as usual.

To exit from the textual interface, type the "quit" command.

You can directly run a command by using the ooql script with the "-command" option followed by the text of the OOQL command ( usually the "program execute" command ).
The console automatically quit after the command has been executed.

Moreover, it is possible to execute a sequence of commands written in a script file: you have only to prepare the text file with all commands (end with ";") you want to execute in the given order and launch the ooql script with the "-script" option followed by the file path+name.
The console automatically quit after all the commands have been executed.

Note: the execution will stop on the first error

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