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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   0000130 [Oberon Platform]
crashnew2017-03-25The scaling of concurrent user lead to oberon connection pool full and database lock
   00001251[Oberon Platform]
Platform functionalities
minorresolved (administrator)2015-01-07Upgrade the CXF libraries and Tika libraries to the latest versions
   0000124 [Oberon Platform]
Java SDK
majorresolved (administrator)2014-10-06Avoid generic types in SDK methods
   0000122 [Oberon Platform]
Platform functionalities
featureresolved (administrator)2014-10-06Deploy OBEROn applications under the RAP framework
   00001231[Oberon Platform]
OOQL language
trivialresolved (administrator)2014-10-06JSON supports for all data extraction
   00001211[Oberon Platform]
Context Design
minorresolved (administrator)2014-08-13Characters are too big in the console GUI and there are some issues with form elements
   00001201[Oberon Platform]
Application server
majorresolved (administrator) returns java.lang.NullPointerException
   00001191[Oberon Platform]
Application server
majorresolved (administrator)2014-08-13Unable to compile class for JSP error on Tomcat 7
   00001142[Oberon Platform]
Platform functionalities
featureresolved (administrator)2014-08-06Add more states for workflow steps and trigger for state change events
   00000901[Oberon Platform]
OOQL language
featureresolved (administrator)2014-08-06Additional controls on lifecycle stages
  00000953[Oberon Platform]
Platform functionalities
featureresolved (g_prajeesh)2014-08-03Workflow Super user capability
   00000551[Oberon Platform]
Context Design
featureresolved (administrator)2014-08-03Associating one object param as primary object for a WF and visual displ;ay of the WF process even after completing the WF
   00001181[Oberon Platform]
Platform functionalities
featureresolved (administrator)2014-08-03Distinguish object lock and file lock
   00001171[Oberon Platform]
Platform functionalities
featureresolved (administrator)2014-08-03Perform lifecycle actions on workflow execution
   0000113 [Oberon Platform]
Platform functionalities
featureresolved (administrator)2014-08-03"Add To Recent" property to Lifecycle level
   00001091[Oberon Platform]
Platform functionalities
featurefeedback (administrator)2014-08-03Need to link Oberon Users with Enterprise AD Servers and Sync
   00001061[Oberon Platform]
Platform functionalities
majorresolved (administrator)2013-09-19HTTP connection performances
   00001071[Oberon Platform]
Platform functionalities
featureresolved (administrator)2013-09-19Group applications under a single portfolio
   00001051[Oberon Platform]
OOQL language
featureresolved (administrator)2013-07-29Add a tool for executing OOQL commands from a script file
   00001041[Oberon Platform]
majorresolved (administrator)2013-07-29Process monitor doesn't work
   0000103 [Oberon Platform]
OOQL language
minorresolved (administrator)2013-07-28Issue when moving objects to a different objectspace
   00001021[Oberon Platform]
minorresolved (administrator)2013-07-28Installation issue for MySQL 5.6
   0000101 [Oberon Platform]
Context Design
featureresolved (administrator)2013-07-28Add the Object panel for running steps
   0000100 [Oberon Platform]
Context Design
minorresolved (administrator)2013-07-28Step-Process status is not showed
   0000099 [Oberon Platform]
Context Design
minorresolved (administrator)2013-07-28Not possible to stop processes
   00000981[Oberon Platform]
Context Design
featureresolved (administrator)2013-07-28Add auto completion for Java source code
  0000097 [Oberon Platform]
Context Design
majorresolved (administrator)2013-07-28Cannot edit feature value
   00000213[Oberon Platform]
Domain Objects
featureresolved (administrator)2013-04-12Need functinality to do check out-check in and undo checkout
   00000922[Oberon Platform]
featureresolved (administrator)2013-02-03HTTP clients
   0000093 [Oberon Platform]
featureresolved (administrator)2013-02-03Android (client) applications
   00000911[Oberon Platform]
OOQL language
featureresolved (administrator)2012-12-19Links Access control
   00000881[Oberon Platform]
OOQL language
featureresolved (administrator)2012-12-19Object multiple ownership
   00000871[Oberon Platform]
OOQL language
featurefeedback (administrator)2012-12-19Extend the linktype definition
   00000891[Oberon Platform]
OOQL language
featureresolved (administrator)2012-10-21Additional information on lifecycle stages
   00000861[Oberon Platform]
OOQL language
featureresolved (administrator)2012-10-19Reset field values to default for cloned / revised objects
  0000085 [Oberon Platform]
OOQL language
featureresolved (administrator)2012-10-19object addlink should return the linkid of the newly created Link
  00000811[Oberon Platform]
OOQL language
featureresolved (administrator)2012-09-30Way to destroy multiple objects together
  00000801[Oberon Platform]
OOQL language
featureresolved (administrator)2012-09-30Like to have variable substitution in query
   00000791[Oberon Platform]
OOQL language
featureresolved (administrator)2012-09-21Need to have a feature to get count() type functionalilty of DB in query OOQL
   00000781[Oberon Platform]
Java SDK
minorresolved (administrator)2012-09-21Override toString() method of the ObjectObj and link so that it will display the basic as well as field values if any
   00000771[Oberon Platform]
Platform functionalities
featureresolved (administrator)2012-08-13Need a function to specify Today as default value for Date Type Field
   00000761[Oberon Platform]
Context Design
featureresolved (administrator)2012-08-08Enabling the history trace for a specific event for all stages
  00000732[Oberon Platform]
Platform functionalities
featureresolved (administrator)2012-08-08Need a functionality so that any update can be raised when two people are trying to save data
   00000711[Oberon Platform]
minorresolved (administrator)2012-01-07Cannot change field value after you set "null"
  00000701[Oberon Platform]
Platform functionalities
majorresolved (administrator)2012-01-07Data loss when change field default value
   00000691[Oberon Platform]
minorresolved (administrator)2012-01-06Extend the database support to PostgreSQL
  0000068 [Oberon Platform]
Domain Objects
featureresolved (administrator)2011-10-05Need a way to specify both URL and Program in command Object
  00000443[Oberon Platform]
Context Design
featureresolved (administrator)2011-09-24Save Button Should not close the window
   00000641[Oberon Platform]
Platform functionalities
minorresolved (administrator)2011-09-23Dictionary Import/export from/to Excel files
   00000671[Oberon Platform]
OOQL language
featureresolved (administrator)2011-09-22Need to include "get" in OOQL object show get{..} view viewname token
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