OBEROn 5.0 - Integration with RAP, JSON support, code upgrade - 2014-10-08 20:32 - administrator [Announcement]
The 5.0 version brings important structural changes, in particular it supports now the latest versions of third parties modules, like CXF (web service management) and TIKA (file content indexing). In addition the platform source code has been revised for the full compatibility with latest java versions by removing all generic types in SDK methods. This will increase the overall performances and facilitate the work of developers when they use the SDK classes inside custom programs , webservices and triggers.

Another notable enhancement is the integration with the Eclipse - Remote Access Platform (RAP) for web application development. RAP provides a powerful widget toolkit and integrates well with proven technologies such as OSGi and JEE. You can write your application entirely in Java, re-use the SWT code and benefit from first-class IDE tools.
OBEROn supports the SWT user interface for desktop applications; the integration with RAP provides web deployment of the same applications with a minimal effort.

Finally, but not less important is the JSON support for all data extraction. You can obtain OOQL query results in JSON format in addition to the XML and plain text formats. The JSON format can be used also for the import of the application schema, the object instances and the dictionary translations.

OBEROn 4.2 - Minor changes for lifecycles and workflows - 2014-08-18 21:35 - administrator [Announcement]
This version introduces some changes in the lifecycle management, in particular the possibility to direct jump to a specific stage and a new kind of workflow step for controlling the object promotion and regression in a more simple way.
In addition, the new platform version distinguishes 2 levels for user locks: object lock and file lock are separated.
A new status named 'skipped' has been added for the workflow steps on runtime and it is possible to define a "Change State" trigger : when any change is made in the step status the program will be executed automatically.

OBEROn 4.1 - Android Extension Library optimized - 2013-09-19 17:49 - administrator [Announcement]
This version is optimized for working with Android mobile devices and HTTP connections: now the xml structure of menus, forms and views are generated at the server side and sent to the clients for the rendering on the basic of the specific user interface. OOQL commands for these administrative elements are also extended for performing the computation of Menu items (actions), Form items and View columns related to the framework user.
New "portfolio" option in the menu element has been introduced for managing a set of application into a single menu tree.
The rendering engine for the Android user interface is now available: you can download the eclipse project (with source code) and extend it for creating your personal OBEROn client for mobile devices.

OBEROn 4.0 - HTTP connection and Android library - 2013-02-03 13:32 - administrator [Announcement]
New version 4.0 introduces very important changes:
- HTTP clients: all API methods can be used in the application code independently from the client type and connection type (DB direct / RMI / HTTP).
- Android (client) applications: you can use all OBEROn APIs inside Android applications by including the "oberon_android.jar" library inside the "libs" folder.
- Multiple ownership for objects: added the faculty to define multiple holders for a given object instance in addition to the main holder
- Links Access control: introduced the link holder, the alternative (multiple) holders and a way to directly control the user access on links
- Additional information on object lifecycle stages: first date when the object reached the stage, last date when the object left the stage and number of days the object was kept at the given stage
- Reset field values to default for cloned / revised objects: option on fields to restore the default value in the new instances created by clone or revise operations.
- Variable substitution in query: while define a query command you can insert variables and assign their values during the execution phase.

OBEROn 3.0 - Undo functionality and prevent the data overwrite - 2013-02-03 11:53 - administrator [Announcement]
Business Objects are modified by many people and they need to track the changes on the Business Objects.
Moreover, if two people are working on the same object, there is highly possible that one person changes are overwritten by the second person.
This version adds the capability to get back the user changes and to track object modifications in terms of iteration history. In addition, the system raises an exception if one person try to save a object already altered by a second person without read the new object status.

OBEROn 2.6 - PostgreSQL database supported - 2012-04-07 19:43 - administrator [Announcement]
In addition to MySQL and Oracle, you can now develop application based on the PostgreSQL DBMS.

OBEROn 2.5 - Dictionary and View enhancements - 2011-11-09 09:43 - administrator [Announcement]
Starting from new version 2.5, the Oberon platform was splitted in two layers:
- Oberon java core: includes the database interface and all basic functions
- Oberon java client: includes all graphical SWT administration / custom clients

The Oberon client java source code is now available for download.

Release 2.5 introduces also the following enhancements:
1. Dictionary wizard: in a multilanguage application there are several keywords and messages to be translated to the user language; you need to remember to add them at the end of development to one or more localization files or to the translation database. With a single command, this administrative function helps you to automatically extract the application labels from the application context and add them onto Oberon internal dictionary;
2. Dictionary Import/Export: added the faculty to Import/export Dictionary translations from/to Excel files
3. View element extension: you can use the "view" definition to extract the object/link properties in show, navigation and query commands

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